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Don't pay 12p to send SMS anymore, send it from the net and save enough money for another 12 minutes surfing!

(Even longer with F&F packages at the weekends!)
Services offering free SMS messages to mobile phones

Text messaging in the UK has become very popular, there are three pitfalls in using most mobile phones to do this however.

1) If the phone rings halfway through, it can make it difficult (or impossible) to complete your message
2) Repeatedly pressing numeric keys to spell out letters can lose its charm quickly, a keyboard is faster and easier
3) It costs upto 12p each message - which can be a problem if you seem to spend half your life texting your friends or partner!

When you realise that many people are AT HOME when they send text messages, wouldn't it be better to do it for free, leaving the phone to ring if it wants to and use a proper keyboard to compose your message? We think so. Now you can.

While MSN and ICQ both offer SMS completely free, Genie offers extra facilities too. If all you want to do is to send SMS messages quickly and easily, we would suggest that any of these services are suitable. All of them require you to join their service but joining is online and completely free. It takes a few minutes only. Once you have done that, you can say goodbye to wasting 12p each time you want to send a text message to a friend!

For overall "ease of use", we have found that ICQ is possibly the best of them all - and can even allow you to receive SMS messages in your e-mail (should you want to do such a thing).